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Andrzej Ratajczyk

Moonspace 1 2

“Moon space” by Andrzej Ratajczyk
Format: A3
Technique: linocut press on Fabriano paper  
Limited editions of 30
Signed and numbered by the artist

Creative vision and the inspiration:

“Space. The only thing that clearly exists is space. A space that is unfathomable and overwhelming in its mystique. A space that can have no end. A space that determines the existence of matter and life. A space without which there is no time, where, depending on the speed of the observer time swaps places with space. A space where, in view of its infinity, one cannot say that something is impossible.” Andrzej Ratajczyk

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About the artist

A graduate of the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, he obtained a diploma in the workshop of graphic art run by Władysław Winiecki in 1990. Being an advertising artist for many years, he developed his creative skills in the field of graphic arts and painting. Works from this period are in private and public collectionsin Poland, Europe, North America, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

Andrzej Ratajczyk immersed in his creation.