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Aya’s new artworks.


We have enriched our gallery with a few new masterpieces. You can find them here Products Ann Sun Art.

All of them are available in print formats with super fast and secure delivery to 32 destinations.

They have been added to the Open sea platform and are also available as NFTs.

You can access them here: meta-majestic-angels

The angels were created by Aya in one of the AI picture-generating software and edited afterward. The original idea was to create something else, something similar to Aya’s most recent bird watercolor. Both creations have many common features. However, the AI software take on Aya’s directions was clearly something not from this world and nothing but a surprise. Birds were something she initially was trying to create. Even countless tries of different variations to get to a more desired look didn’t deliver 100% of what she was after. That is why the name of the series is Angels and not Birds. There are hundreds of variations of these sublime creatures and many of them are modified and have something added by Aya. They are unique, each of them is completely different as you can see yourself. Each of them gets a meaningful name depending on how she is feeling at the moment. Through the Angels series, Aya desires to spread positive vibes amongst her audience.