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‘Moon Space’

by Andrzej Ratajczyk

Format: A3,Technique: Linocut Print on Fabriano Paper / Limited Edition: 30

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‘Snap Dysmorphia’

by Rik Versteeg

Medium:Photography, Dimensions; 40 cm x 60 cm

 Limited Edition:30 / Paper Prints

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‘Big Bang’

by Natália Junasová

Medium:Mixed Media / Size:A3

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Bigbang Natalia Junasova Extraterretrial Art Month Ann Sun Gallery 1
Untitled 100 X 80 1


by Marek Zgodka


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‘Butterfly’ by Julija Zebra Janiuliene

Medium:Spray Paint/3D Pen/Canvas/Size:40/50cm

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Butterfly by Julia Zebra Janiuliene
Juraj Olejar Ann Sun Gallery

Untitled by Juraj Olejar

Medium:Ink and Watercolor on Paper/Size:A3

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