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For Collectors – FAQ

For Collectors – FAQ:

Q: What can I expect when purchasing artwork from Ann Sun Gallery?

A: At Ann Sun Gallery, we are committed to providing collectors with the best experience possible. Here are some key details:

  1. High-Quality Artwork: Our artwork is of the highest quality, carefully curated to ensure you receive exceptional pieces.
  2. Direct Shipping by Artists: Your artwork will be shipped directly by the artist. This ensures a personal touch and accountability throughout the shipping process.
  3. Secure Packaging and Insurance: All artworks are shipped in sturdy and safe packaging. We also ensure that each package is fully insured to protect your investment.
  4. Swift Delivery: We strive to offer the fastest available delivery options. However, please allow us up to 2 weeks after purchase to ship your package with your selected item.
  5. Payment Options: After purchasing, you have three payment options:
  • PayPal: You can use your debit or credit card through PayPal.
  • Wire Transfer: Details for wire transfers will be provided after you make an order.
  • Money Transfer (e.g., Western Union): We accept this method as well.
  1. Our Preferred Payment Method: We recommend wire transfers as our preferred payment method. This ensures that we receive 100% of the artwork price, without sharing any portion with payment gateways that charge fees for online payments.
  2. Stay Updated: Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates about new artworks and intriguing artists. We want to keep you informed about the latest additions to our collection.

We aim to make your art-collecting experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Thank you for choosing Ann Sun Gallery for your art acquisitions.

We usually reserve our original paintings for our private collectors, corporate clients and email list subscribers.

However, sometimes we make some original artworks available to the public and display them here in the online store.

If you are interested in finding out more about our original art, please contact us using the form on this website.