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Julija Zebra Janiuliene

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40 X 50 cm



Paris 60x80cm 2023 Mixedmedia 850e


60 X 80 CM

MIXED MEDIA on canvas


Thenailgirl 60x80cm 2023 Mixedmedia 850e


60 x 80 cm

MIXED MEDIA on canvas 2023

About the artist

Julija Zebra Janiuliene is an artist, muralist, illustrator, art teacher, and restaurator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Julija’s Zebra style is all about black and white linear drawings evolving into dynamic, abstract designs with subtle pops of color. She takes inspiration from the idea that humans see only a fraction of the colors present in the world. Just as we can’t see the world as a bee, a snake, or a dog does, we’re limited to a narrow spectrum of colors. The same goes for sounds. Our hearing only captures a small range of sounds, excluding ultraviolet and infrared waves.

Julija’s art is an exploration of the energy that connects all of us, linking humans, animals, insects, flowers, and everything on Earth and in the vast spaces between planets. It’s a reflection of our profound connection to the entire universe.

In her works, Julija offers a unique take on the human form. Instead of traditional portraits, she presents chaotic lines and dots. But if you look closer, you’ll start to see more. There’s a deeper meaning behind the random lines and patterns. It’s like a frequency, a thought, or a vision coming to life.

Her art is a reminder of our connection to the grand tapestry of the universe. It reflects the intricate, ever-changing frequencies that shape our world and our place within it.