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Maciasu X

Maciasu X
actually Maciej Michał Mąka (born 1975)

Polish composer, music producer currently and graphic designer.
Specialty: vector graphics and freestyle.

‘I mainly create graphics without a previously prepared topic, although there are also such works. The first few pen strokes are always the basis. Then I look at the shapes, let them run through a rather abstract sense of aesthetics, visualize them and give them a more readable form. I vector and refine such a sketch, but without focusing too much on the details. I care about the severity and preservation of the original path that my hand and pen made.
Sometimes in my works, I use the processing of original sketches in the AI environment.
In art, I prefer freestyle, I do not recognize boundaries or canons, you could say that I am very close to the beliefs of former Dadaists.’- Maciasu X

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