Bird NO 1 by Aya Original Painting Sold

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Watercolour on paper

A4 format



1 review for Bird NO 1 by Aya Original Painting Sold

  1. cgmera

    I am so happy having this piece of art.
    I see the painting and it feels like it talks to me in a language that I can´t say with words, but I can feel it with emotions. I don´t know if you gave it a name, but I can say it is an elegant bird, with a tie from a private school (it might be my imagination), I see kindness and a bit of fear and melancholy in the eyes, but the feet are firmly held to the branch of a beautiful tree with warm colors, so it transmit security, the colors are all within the same range, they are having continuity and connection between each other, all of them keep an equilibrium and the whole piece expresses emotions equity and beauty that can be felt as you spend time admiring the paint. The whole painting is elegant, beautiful and vivid power.

    Thank you so much Aya for your talent, great painting, I love it!

    Cesar Gonzalez, from Mexico

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