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Rik Versteeg

Extraterrestrial 1

About the artist

Versteeg, born in 1990, is a trailblazing queer visual artist who fearlessly explores the realm of self-expression. With artistic prowess as his guiding light, Versteeg dedicates his craft to celebrating and shedding light on the rich tapestry of queer identity. Through a diverse array of mediums and an unapologetic approach, Versteeg weaves together thought-provoking narratives that boldly challenge societal norms, creating a vital space for dialogue and understanding.

Hailing from the town of Drunen, Versteeg’s affinity for art blossomed at a tender age. Early on, he reveled in the world of dress-up, imaginative games, and the creation of vivid stories within his mind’s eye. Raised in an environment that embraced and accepted him for who he is, Versteeg had the privilege to nurture his creativity. Following graduation from art school, he took a monumental step in 2013 by establishing his own studio in Rotterdam.

As a queer individual, Versteeg discovered solace and empowerment in artistic expression, ultimately shaping his journey as a platform for both personal and collective transformation. His artistic prowess spans a multitude of mediums, from makeup and film to photography and costume design. This diverse palette of expression transcends conventional artistic forms, resulting in a holistic and all-encompassing artistic practice. With every creation, Versteeg adeptly conveys the nuanced experiences of queerness, delving into themes of self-acceptance, identity, love, and the ongoing struggle for equality.

At the heart of Versteeg’s artistic vision lies a profound celebration of queer identity. His works frequently feature a rich spectrum of queer individuals, disrupting stereotypes and challenging societal constructs. By portraying an array of genders, sexualities, and expressions, Versteeg endeavors to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and ignite conversations about the intricate facets of queerness. In addition, Versteeg uses his platform as an advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights, tirelessly working to foster inclusivity and empower others to embrace their true selves.

One of Versteeg’s most notable contributions to the artistic landscape is his unique ability to meld vivid colors, intricate concepts, and symbolic imagery into evocative compositions. The use of symbolism and metaphor in his work not only lends depth but also invites viewers to explore their own emotions and experiences, transcending the boundaries of art and touching the core of human existence.

Snap Dysmorphia – Extraterrestrial, 2022

Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm,Medium: Photography

Limited Edition of 30 on paper

Rik says:

‘In an era characterized by the ever-evolving influence of technology on self-perception and identity, “Snap Dysmorphia” emerges as a thought-provoking photographic project that delves into the intriguing intersection of AI filters. This series transcends the boundaries between the digital and physical realms, challenging conventional notions of beauty, identity, and the impact of technology on our self-image. 

The works harness the potential of AI’s transformational abilities to transcend the screen, breathing life into these augmented digital forms. Each AI filter is meticulously translated into a real-life self-portrait. Through careful application of makeup, hairstyling, and props, Versteeg effectively metamorphoses into the avatar-like figures that emerged from the AI filters.

“Snap Dysmorphia” invites viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between self-perception and technology. It prompts questions about the malleability of identity in a digital age, where AI filters have the power to shape our perception of ourselves and others. By embodying these digital distortions in the real world, Versteeg bridges the gap between curated online personas and the tangible human experience.’